The First
Social Trading Aggregator
Social Trading Guild
Social Trading Network
on Web3
Join/Create trading guilds, follow and trade with smart money. Seek alpha and save trading fees, built for millions of DeFi, GameFi, NFT communities, and users
The First DeFi Aggregator with Social Network
SocialFi Network is the First Guild-based SocialFi protocol on Web3. Connect Guilds, Users and DeFi Bule Chips with Social network. It is a One-Stop Defi Portal for Smart People and Smart Money.
Phase 1
  • Website and Social Media Release
  • Social Swap Launch
  • Genesis Badge Launch
  • Initial Social Offering & Social Mining
Phase 2
  • Trading Mining Space Race
  • Mystery Box & NFT Market
  • Trading Guild 1.0
  • Guild Master 100
Phase 3
  • Social Farm
  • Asset Dao Component
  • Guild Pool
  • GameFi Aggregator
Phase 4
  • Trading Guild 2.0
  • Cross-chain Deployment
  • SocialFi Metaverse
  • ……
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